Frequently Asked Questions


" it's free to apply, there are no program costs, AND you're paying artists a stipend?!"

Yes. Please do consider applying.


"I live across the country, and wouldn't be able to come to the exhibition, but I can take the time to participate in the residency and to produce the work for the show. Will you still consider my application?"

Yes, while we hope artists will join for the outdoor exhibition opening and programming throughout an idyllic summer weekend in Maine, we understand geography and finances are barriers to this. In an effort to be as accessible and inclusive as possible, it will not be mandatory to be present at the exhibition. If this sounds like you, please don't hesitate to apply.


“Are we expected to make art while on the canoe? It looks a little tight.”

Don’t worry about making work on the canoe. Take notes, reference photographs, make audio recordings and voice memos, film what you need to — but participants are all expected to paddle. Time at camp, and in the month following the trip, are when you should be thinking about producing the bulk of your work. This will help begin to process the experience that you just had with other artists and guides in residence.


“What if the boat capsizes? I’m going to lose all my materials.”

While we can never be certain about anything in life, we are going to take as much safety in navigation and monitor weather conditions as possible. There will be backup plans, and backup plans for those. As such, we won’t be paddling when winds blow more than 20mph, or there is sea-state just off the mainland. In addition, we are looking into have a “chase boat” or similar follow along once we get to the ocean. We are going to provide necessary dry bags for all artists, and can help advise in the gear-selection/packing process. You’d be surprised how sturdy the big boats are!


“Can I bring my dog?”

Unfortunately, we likely won’t have room on the boat(s) for an animal - service or otherwise. If animal care is going to be a barrier for participation, please let us know, and we can try to figure something out!

[Nota Bene: You can do like Tony and Snoop - pictured here - and paddle alongside the expedition crew to help commemorate the inaugural residence!]